Commander's Miss Sierra

Sire:  Chiefs Commander

Dam:  Miss Sierra Ranger

Our longest set of horns at 70 1/2" TTT comes from our oldest cow...Miss!  This old girl produces some excellent calves!

Sierra's Debutante

Sire:  2K Wind Drifter 

Dam:  Commander's Miss Sierra

Sierra is one of our most gentlest cows.  Produces some very big calves and her horns are 55" TTT.

Champions Jet Beauty

Sire:  TCC Champion 

Dam:  J&K's Patches

The youngest cow in our herd has a set of horns that are 57" TTT!  Beauty is growing up to be beautiful cow!

J&K's Patches

Sire:  Midnight 100 

Dam:  Chulari's Girl

Our second longest TTT measurement at 63 1/2", Patches is our brindle cow that came from Texas.

Outback Creoles Kansas

Sire:  EOT Outback Rattler 

Dam:  SR Safari B Creole

Kansas was the first calf to be born at RJ Longhorns. She  measured at 60" TTT at her last measuring. 

Our Cows

These beautiful girls have great confirmation as well as pleasant dispositions.  They, combined with our amazing bulls, produce excellent calves!